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Meet Dr. Jack Fried

Author of "Heirs of Auschwitz: A True Story of the Holocaust, Transforming Inter-generational Trauma, and the Meaning of Existence

Jack Fried is an optometrist presently practicing on Long Island, NY. He was born in 1971 and raised in Bayside Queens New York to Israeli immigrants, Chana Tova Mitzmacher and Maty Fried. The Wolf Mitzmacher family emigrated from Israel in 1958 and the Avraham (Bumi) Fried family in 1967 and also from Israel. Both are Holocaust survivors and both immigrated to the United States with their young families to give them a chance at life after their lives were decimated by the Nazis. Having to endure relentless torture and suffering as well as witnessing unceasing and incessant atrocities at that time, they were what remained of their family.

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